T5 Softlights  Doigt De Fée

Doigt de Fée (fairy-finger) is the name spontaneously given by the DoP Etienne Fauduet to this particular fixture.It is a Softlights fluorescent lamp moulded in a plastic tube, with a connector on one end only. This makes the lamp very easy to handle,  to stick it up on any exisitng support where space is limited.
Also, by using our accessories as the Hammer, the Doigt de Fée becomes an individual or multiple light source enchanting both gaffers and cinématographers as well as production designers…
It is used as a primary source in documentaries, as an extra additional source in fictions and lodges easily in the sets, lending itself to be disguised, glued, hidden, buried or hand-held. For an even easier use, we created installation accessories and light-controls.
The Doigt de Féé is powered by an external ballast, 12 volts or 240 volts.

Doigt de f-e droit
Remote : Wireless Wi-Fi and or Dmx 512 ( xlr 5 cts )
Power :  20,  32 and 49  Watt
Ballasts : Flickerfree high frequency ballasts.  ( 40>80 Khz)  230 vac Flickerfree H.F transformer 12 volts for T5-55 and T5-85 lamps.
Lamps : T5-55 ,  T5-85 , T5- 115 , T5-145
Lamps color: Daylight (5600) and Tungsten (3200)
Light :
Dimming rate : @ 230 volts :250 levels 8 bit. 100% > 3%.
@ 12 volts 255 levels 8 bit.  0%-100% !
Channels : Internal dimmer. Or external dimming device.
Standards : Logo CE, logo RoHs , CEM , 802.11.b ( wifi)
Extras : Hammer and mini-clamps  
Recyclable: Lamps contains mercury – do not deposit