LED products

   With LED SOFTLIGHTS ULTRA (production and distribution Softlights) we achieve a CRI of 98 and a possibility of flawless blend with other sources (daylight, HMI, incandescent etc…) which was previously problematic.
We offer a range of high quality products from  the single LED ribbon to install yourself to  the fully build projector including driverdimmer and transformer.
And we made a point in producing the famous Softlights Fluo Doigt de Fée device in its LED bicolor version.
More infos in this video of a conference by Henrik explaining the difference between CLASSIC LED and ULTRA LED wich emits a little U.V.
Doigt de Fée  LED
ULTRA bicolour plongéULTRA or CLASSIC ribbons, Mono or Bicolor 5600K,4000K, 3200K


Power Leds

ULTRA bicolour plongé

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