Softlights where the first to introduce T5 tubes for the film and TV industry. The unique color quality was developed by Softlights to match the spectral sensitivity curves of film and digital imaging equipment.

Our t5 series will be phased out from 2017, replaced by our new led technology. softlights will supply spare-parts until 2018

The T5 series contains 4 different fixtures.

They are all shaped out of one shell of aluminum containing the ballasts and electronics.

It features sophisticated  levels of control with DMX and onboard dimming, DMX and onboard lamp switching with 8-bit resolution dimming rate, offering 250 dimming levels. Mixing 3200K tubes and 5600K tubes in a T5 Classic, you can obtain more than 1,000 nuances of white blend !

Using colored sleeves (R,G,B,Y) the fixture becomes a precise color mixing tool.

Lamps are made in the USA, using only the highest quality phosphors. This guarantees  a neutral white light, which marries perfectly with natural daylight, HMI’s or tungsten-based light sources. 

The “Doigt de Fée”  /  I – Light 

​This is a Softlights fluorescent in its purest form.

Stripped, it is the most lightweight and versatile fluorescent light there is. 

I-Light is used in documentaries as the main light source and on features as the indispensable additional light.

Hidden, incorporated, fixed or for handheld work. 

To extend its flexibility,  we have developed a range of grip – systems and light-control accessories. 

The I-Light  is run through a remote ballast, from a battery or from a standard power outlet.