T5 Softlights Classic

     A very powerful yet compact fluorescent fixture.   The « beam » is wide,  soft, but still with a good contrast.  The 8- bank Classic  is a real allround fixture – fit to  work in almost every condition. Lightweight on location, compact in a televison studio, robust for documentary, powerful and smooth for  photography .

Produced since 1996 this fixture was the first of its kind taking benefit of the emerging T5 technology into professional lighting.Today,  we present the 5th generation of a fixture that has proven it’s solidity and reliabilty on the demanding rental market.


Total Weight Fully Equiped: 4,9 kg

Length 890mm x Height 235mm x Depth 55mm

Remote : Wireless Wi-Fi and or Dmx 512 ( xlr 5 cts )
Power : 280 Watt
Ballast : 4 times Flickerfree high frequency ballasts ( 40>80 Khz)
Lamps : 8 times T5-85 Safety coated Full spectrum Lamps
Lamps color: Daylight (5600) and Tungsten (3200)
Light : Incident light at 1.2 meter: 2370 LUX
Dimming rate : 250 levels 8 bit. 100% > 3%.
Channels : 4 channels + Master
Standards : Logo CE, logo RoHs , CEM , 802.11.b ( wifi)
Extras : Barndoors , eggcrate, yoke, baby plate, 5m power cable