lamp in the tree
Flame In The Lamp Full Glow
The Issue

It is easy enough to create a LED light, but hard to make a light that simulates real fire. Most modern LED film light produces a rather good light within the 3200-6000 Kelvin range. But when you try and create lower Kelvin light, like simulating Candle light, they often go green or magenta and they have a lack of color spectrum, missing color depth and saturation. If you only use those LED light, it is possible to fix some of it in post. But in most cases, LED sources will be blended among real candle and Paraffin light

Beyond RGBW

This is why we developed a new kind of light source assembling other colors than usual RGBW and rather using 2200K, Amber, Lime and Deep Red Leds in a special blend which can recreate or match  a whole range of fire lights:
Candles,oil lamps, petrol lamps like shown below, wood fires in a chimney or outside

The Result:
a stand alone hurricane lamp with wireless control , dimmer,and batteries embedded
fire light

The light source
4 units of 4×1 cm PCB  flameleds  assembled around a square tube which is a heat-sink as well

The hidden device held in the base of the lamp
stand alone deviceThe dimmer,the wireless Casambi controller and the batteries holder
Technical Specs For This Lamp

Leds 4 units  on 360° each with 2200K, Amber, Lime and Deep Red Leds
12 V
Electronics are flicker free (20.000 hz) with a voltage regulator that makes it possible to feed it constantly with 11.9V with constant voltage power from 5-30 V.
Dimming 4 colors mixing and global dimming with a master
Wireless Each light is remote controlled through Blue Tooth MESH with a very easy to use 4 channel IOS/Android app Casambi . The app is free and available in 25 languages.

Other Fixtures available

big flame light
The Big Flame
8 units fixed around a circular tube to create a luminaire of your own
China ball for instance

The Single Flame
1or 2 units for candle creation


Birth of Softlights FLAME
Candlelight has always been a great fascination for humans. It cannot be otherwise for light manufacturers. The idea to create our FLAME came from a very specific request for the production of a film whose scenes were performed by the light of kerosene lamps. These were lamps as part of the decor but also as an essential source of light. The appeal came from the art department  and the camera department at the same time
“Portrait of lady on fire” The first movie where we developed the flame lights