JCR speaking about Flame

JCR : As it’s a period film, the available light sources were candles, possibly outdoor torches, or kerosene lamps – but only once they arrive in United States. Indeed, throughout the first part in flashback which takes place in Sweden, the protagonists do not at all have the means to have…

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FLAME “The Emigrant light”

John Christian Rosenlund, norwegian cinematographer, talks about his experience with the new Softlights’s LED product « FLAME » :“Director Erik Poppe and I have planned to shoot every scene in pure natural light. Our goal is to try and give the project a strong naturalistic and authentic look. The film takes place…

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  ACCLAIMED PHOTOGRAPHER, FILMMAKER AND GLOBAL STORYTELLER YANN ARTHUS-BERTRAND TO UNVEIL HUMAN WITH SOFTLIGHTS Human was shot in 60 countries over the course of three years. It is a a deeply humanistic documentary film. The expression of the face was of utter importance. The production was looking for a very…

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