Our ULTRA series of LED is based on a technology using deep purple led associated with custom phosphors. The light emitted from these sources interacts on human skin in exactly the same way as natural daylight. The ULTRA mixes perfectly with electrical sources such as HMI, Fluorescent and Halogen. In very low light, as additional light to tungsten lamps, candels, or firelight, the result is stunning. Deep color technology
The ULTRA offers a much wider color spectrum than traditional «  blue » led. Our Deep color technology is the perfect choice for optimal skin rendering and colour performance.  
ULTRA bicolour plongé
The CRI  measure of our Deep color technology LED is 97 for 3000K Tungsten and 98 for 5600K. 
The TLCI measure is: 98 for 3000K Tungsten and 100 for 5600K.  
Softlights uses this technology in our products «Doigt de Fée-LED», PUNKT and SoftBx Juliette

colorimetric spectre of LED ULTRA 5600KLED 56 ULTRA

5600K  Ra 98  Duv 0,00511  330 Lux to 1m
3800K  Ra 97  Duv 0,00453  240 Lux to 1m
3200K Ra 96.9 Duv 0,00146  280 Lux to 1m

12 W /meter    60 led /meter 1800 lumens 12 vdc.
Compatible Softlights LEDIMMER, battery and standard transformator.