FLAME “The Emigrant light”

John Christian Rosenlund, norwegian cinematographer, talks about his experience with the new Softlights’s LED product « FLAME » :

“Director Erik Poppe and I have planned to shoot every scene in pure natural light. Our goal is to try and give the project a strong naturalistic and authentic look. The film takes place in Sweden and USA, set between the years 1850-60. The only light-source available for poor people at the time was daylight, candles, wood fire and oil lamps. In the search for practicals, because of safety issues with fire and oil, we realized that in some important scenes, we could not use real oil/paraffin lamps.
We started looking at the possibility to replace the light-source with LED. But creating a” fire LED” was more complicated than I could ever have imagined!”

Softlights decided to develop a completely new PCB with a blend of 4 different types of LED; Softlights own 2200K, deep red, amber and Lime. Our focus in the development of a new LED was to get the best possible skin tone on the digital “camera negative”.

We asked Christian if he could describe how he experience the new LED; “The colors of traditional very warm LEDS gives skin-tones with a limited hue, giving the appearance of one flat and dull tone. They often have a green or magenta cast and none of the color definition you would need to render good skin-tone. I have never seen a LED that performs this well in 1800-2000K as the the new Flame LED from Softlights .It matches candle and paraffin light perfectly. The new Flame LED is a LED revolution”.

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