“The colors of traditional very warm LEDS gives skin-tones with a limited hue, giving the appearance of one flat and dull tone. They often have a green or magenta cast and none of the color definition you would need to render good skin-tone. I have never seen a LED that performs this well in 1800-2000K as the the new Flame LED from Softlights. It matches candle and paraffin light perfectly. The new Flame LED is a LED revolution”.

John Christian Rosenlund, D.O.P.
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bicolor miniature fresnel projector


circular light fixture

Probably the best LED on the market.  August 30th. 2016,  NRK/FNF  (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation,  Norwegian Cinematographers Guild) tested the 8 most popular Bi-Color LED lamps in TLCI.  Softlights LED got the highest TLCI score of all test units. Our LED measured 99 and 98 (out of 100) in Daylight and Tungsten. Our LED achieved, in the same test, the best reference /target curve in relation to to real Daylight and real Tungsten light. ​

In 2016, Softlights are the first to introduce LED ULTRA, a Bi-Color LED with the amazing TLCI score of 99/100.


275 X 275 mm Bi color TILE

A series of ARRI RAW frames from each LED test unit was given to several professional Colorists. Their positive feedback, after testing the different LED lights in their color grading suits, gives us the confidence to say; “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”. If you would like to test our brand new Bi-Color LED, they are now available for sale as Stripes/Ribbons and MONO Tube, both in ULTRA and Classic Quality LED.

We have tailor made solutions for Dior, ERES, Issey Miyake or The Picasso Museum, amongst others.

Softlights were the first to introduce T5 Tube light for the film and TV industry and the first to introduce Wi-Fi controlled lights.
Our Tube light technology is the only light that passes the high quality of the world famous DxO LAB.

Our customers have one thing in common; they want the highest possible quality lighting.