Under Paris

At the director of photography Nicolas Massart’s request and for the film Under Paris,
Softlights designed and created a 3-piece set that fits into the divers mask
a light source with 3 temperatures of kelvin (2700, 4000 et 6000K) which allows fine control of the light and managed by our miniature Casambi controller and its stand alone function
– arrangement usable underwater up to 10m deep

Another issue for the DOP was to creat un underwater distress rocket
activated by actors and self containing object : lights – battery – stand alone animation by Casambi







◦ custom-made and designed
◦ the only light source on the stage, waterproof, autonomous (battery) and activated by an actor (trigger button)
◦ several animated light sequences (colour change, pulsation) using 8 Casambi circuits and a mechanical, waterproof trigger
◦ the same Casambi dimmer as used in the FLAME

Nicolas Massart, AFC, talks about the technical challenges of filming “Under Paris”, by Xavier Gens (french)