The first LED ULTRA used on a feature.

“The Ash Lad is an adventure /Fantasy feature, set to a time before electric light was an option. Our tight schedule have been a mix of shooting night interior with candles, daylight with HMI and exterior night with both fire and HMI.

The new BiColor LED ULTRA from Softlights blended prefect with all existing lights and technically preformed amazingly good trough out the shoot.

We converted my favorite Softlights light, the SoftBx Juliette (originally made with Softlights T5 Tube light) in to a giant LED Light Box, filled with the new LED ULTRA. The plan was to test the LED on some selected shots only. We ended up using 1-4 units on most of the scenes. Probably as much as 80% of the movie have been lit by the LED ULTRA . It seems like they give a richer and deeper color, specially visible on skin tones. But most important, they blend perfect with Daylight, Tungsten and Candle light ” – John christian Rosenlund, Cinematographer.

Blending Softlights LED Ultra Daylight with HMI and real daylight

Because of the new LED Ultra technology, the unique colorimetric specter, specially deep down in the blue area, the the Softlights LED blend smoothly with the skin tones and gives them a rich deep color.

Blending Softlights LED Ultra Tungsten and Halogen light

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