Danish Cinematographer Lars Vestergaard on Softlights Juliette LED Ultra. Now shooting «Lykkeland»

I have been avoiding LED lights – until now The expression of the human face is the most important when I try to visualize stories. LED light have not been doing a good job on the human skin. And specially, the white «nordic» skin tones. With LED, they have tendency to look plastic and artificial. And it has been difficult to mix LED with classic halogen, HMI, fire and candle light. Impressed after a test shoot I was introduced to Softlights LED Ultra by my gaffer Nicholas Messel on a test shoot. I got really impressed. We are now in the middle of the shoot of a Norwegian TV Drama called Lykkeland, and the Juliette has become one of my favorite lighting tools. The Juliette is clearly the best LED I have ever tested, in fact the only LED that have worked for me. They are also the most flexible LED I have been introduced to. Because they are super light weight, I often use them as a top light, easy to rig under the ceiling, even in a tight location. And I love the remote dimming, the possibility to mix kelvin from 2800 to 6500K, not to mention the flexibility with the build in DMX.

A real soft light To create a soft light, I need a large size lighting-surface. A lighting fixture at the size of a Juliette 4×4 could easily become too heavy and take up too much space. The good thing with the Juliette is their extremely thin and lightweight design. They take up a minimum of space on the often too tiny locations. The possibility to control the soft source of light with the snap-grid from DOP choice eliminate a forrest of flagg & C-stand and saves a lot of rigging-time. And most importantly, they work beautiful in collaboration with HMI and Tungsten lights. It is easy to get addicted to Juliette. It is a great pleasure to work with this lamps» Lars Vestergaard DFF

– Lars have three Emmy and one BAFTA winning productions under his belt.
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