Juliette Bi Color LED gives light to “The Bird Catcher”

All pictures are provided through the courtesy of Motion Picture Capital

Juliette Bi Color LED gives light to the new feature film “The Bird Catcher”

” I have replaced all tube, tungsten and HMI based soft sources with the new Juliette LED prototype. They are doing a great job simulating everything from candlelight to overcast daylight. This is the first time I have replaced all softer source tungsten with LED on a period film.

The reason is strictly the great skin tones, wide color spectrum and possibility to go from 2700 to 6300 kelvin in seconds” John Christian Rosenlund, Cinematographer

In our package from Storyline Rental in Oslo, we have a set of 3 Juliette 4×4, 2 Juliette 4×2 and several Bi-Color Mono Tubes. The LED lights from Softlights blend perfectly with our HMI and tungsten Fresnel package.

MonoTubes connected with great care in the ceiling by thin wire in the 250 year old house:

The tubes did a great job creating a very soft top light, matching the candle light , with-in the very tight space and low ceiling. The extremely thin and light weight soft box was designed by my excellent Gaffer Nicholas Messel and his crew. The MonoTube light gave use a freedom to shoot all 360 degrees around the table. The backlight at the end of the table was created with a MonoTube inside a Softlights reflector with egg-crate.

About The Bird Catcher:

“After being torn away from her family, 14-year-old Esther must assume a new identity in order to navigate her survival under the hostility of Nazi-occupied Norway”

Directed by Ross Clarke and produced by Motion Picture Capital.