The first LED ULTRA used on a feature.

“The Ash Lad is an adventure /Fantasy feature, set to a time before electric light was an option. Our tight schedule have been a mix of shooting night interior with candles, daylight with HMI and exterior night with both fire and HMI. The new BiColor LED ULTRA from Softlights blended…

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Amazing results from the extensive LED test

August 30th. 2016, NRK/FNF (Norwegian State Broadcasting, Norwegian Cinematographers Guild) tested the 8 most popular Bi-Color LED lamps in TLCI. Softlights LED got the highest TLCI score of all test units. Our LED measured 99 and 98 (out of 100) in Daylight and Tungsten. August 30th. 2016, NRK/FNF (Norwegian State…

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